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Nurse Mates Align™ Technology is an innovative ergonomically designed orthotic that helps place the foot in a more optimum position to assist with proper alignment, stability and support.

Built into every Align™ style, this firm yet flexible orthotic gently stabilizes and supports the arch and heel from the ground up, assisting with the proper alignment of the foot to reduce pressure on tendons and joints.

Feel the comfort of proper positioning

  1. Heel Cup
    Cradles heel and improves stability
  2. Multi-Level Arch
    Helps align foot into a more corrective position
  3. Firm yet Flexible Materials
    Dual-Density impact foam absorbs
    shock and supports your arch

Align Heel Diagram

Proper positioning from the ground up

Your feet play a vital role in your overall heath and wellbeing. The position of your foot as you walk and stand every day can directly impact several other areas of the body, and that’s why the stability that comes from proper alignment is so important.

With and without align technology

Proper alignment can help reduce the folliowing:

  • Ankle and arch instability
  • Knee and hip pain
  • Posture and back problems
  • Neck and shoulder strain
  • Muscle and joint fatigue

With and without align technology

In every shoe...

  1. Full-grain, stain-resistant uppers
  2. Moisture-wicking lining
  3. Multi-lateral corrective orthotic with a contoured, stabilizing design and high density, anti-abrasive composition
  4. Stabilizing composite shank
  5. Slip-resistant traction inserts

Align Technology in every shoe

Nurse Mates has been committed to delivering quality, innovative products for over fifty-five years. Our premium full-grain leathers, slip-resistant bottoms and comfort technologies make Nurse Mates footwear the best choice for working professionals seeking long lasting style and comfort.

As the leader in professional footwear, Nurse Mates is always at the forefront of what busy professionals need - designing durable and comfortable workday products with a sense of purpose and creative flair.

Our passion for your profession comes to life with the captivating looks, unique choices and authentic performance today's nurses want. And with more colours to choose from, we bet you'll enjoy wearing them after hours, too!

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